Is Generic Fioricet Westward 787 Preferable over Watson 3369?

I used to take the blue westward 787, which seemed to actually do better than the other white one. I’m not sure why but that was what worked for me.

The inactive ingredients are indeed different between Watson 369 and the old blue Westward 787.Watson ones have crosprovidon listed first. Magnesium is listed first on West Ward. Check it out. I bet if you increased your magnesium, you would do well!!! Magnesium is so beneficial to the nervous system. I will do that!!!You would have to check on providone, that is listed too for Watson.Interesting that the 787 one has Sodium Starch Glycolate in it. Happy Hunting!

I have always taken the blue Westward 787 and trust me when I say that the white generics (Watson or Qualitest) do NOT work for me at all. The Westward are hard to find though. The last couple of pharmacies I spoke with said they are having a difficult time getting them from the Westward manufacture. =( I hope they don’t quit making them!

While all generic medications have the exact same active ingredients as their name-branded counterparts, the stabilizers and other inactive ingredients they use can be very different; it is these ingredients that result in a different metabolism of the drug itself. Of course, metabolism also depends on people (i.e. if you have Crohn’s disease or other digestive difficulties and are taking a drug that now metabolizes in your gut rather than your kidneys, this will certainly affect the process).

Actually the white fioricet don’t work they are BULLSHIT sorry for the language but im so upset because ever since they didn’t have the blue at Rite Aid this January I’ve been in and out the E R like crazy, and they have them nowhere I’m going to call West Ward and complain and get some answers as we all should because we all know that migraines are not to be played with

Watson blue tabs are the original Fioricet – they actually say it on the tablet on one side and the other there is an image of 3 heads. The Westward generics are also blue, but only have “Westward 787” stamped on them. The other generics from both Watson and Qualitest are white. For some reason, it is the white tablets that I find do not work as well… You would think that the Watson tabs would work since they are the original manufacturer of Fioricet, but I guess their cheap version leaves out some magic that the blue Westwards have…

Prefer 787 over Watson for sure. Walmart has it or did a year ago. Having complex migraines too often. Got hives from Topamax. Be careful! Complex migraines mimic stroke like symptoms. They changed my small vessels in my brain which affect white matter. Keepeating things that increase blood flow. I don’t have high blood pressure or diabetes. But, I do have low blood sugar at times and low blood pressure.Check on line for keeping veins clear in your brain!